Specialized Biogas Services offers our clients services that help them take full advantage of their renewable biogas opportunities.  Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Advising and Consulting


Whether your company requires short-term or long-term technical review, Specialized Biogas Services can review, or design a project or report related to your Renewable Gas Projects.


Market Studies and Financial Analysis


A key step in implementing an RNG project is understanding the market and performing an analysis of the market to determine the actual value your RNG can realize.  Specialized Biogas Services can investigate and test the market to determine likely values that can be used to develop more accurate financial expectation.

Specialized Biogas Service can prepare the financial pro formas you need to completely understand all aspects of the project finances - costs, revenues, returns and sensitivities.

Project Assistance


Specialized Biogas Services can assist you with the agreements, contracts, permitting, engineering and other steps to get your project to the point of implementation.  



RNG and CNG Equipment Services


Consider free CNG fuel for your fleet.  We can assist in the selection and acquisition of equipment that could generate free CNG for your fleet.  Ask us how!



Specialized Biogas Services

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